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Magic during cocktail hour


During cocktail hour, I will go from one group to the other to present my interactive magic that will create surprises, excitement, laughter and applause. Adding magic to the cocktail hour creates the sparkle that will jumps start your party. This sets the tone for your entire event.

Magic during Cocktail hour + banquet


In addition to your cocktail hour, having magic during the banquet is another great way to make sure your guests are entertained. Between the different services, a mini show at each of your tables which guarantees no downtime in the evening.

Magic from the beginning to the end


Do you want entertainment for your guests from the start to the end of your event? No problem ....  For the most fanatic of magic and all those who need to take a break from the dance floor, I make sure that everyone has a good time, with my most impressive illusions. If you saw me at the cocktail hour and the banquet, you will see other special tricks that I keep for the grand finale.

Special offer


For home parties or events with small group of 20 people or less, I offer a package of magical entertainment that will definatly make the evening special. During the beginning of your evening, when your guests have a drink, I wonder among them to present intimate and interactive magic.  After presenting 30 minutes of intimate close-up magic, everyone will be interested in continuing the experience. In closing, I present a 25 minute show in front of all your guests. This show is designed to be short with a big impact. Jaw dropping magic presented with humor and some theatrical moments to music. I guarantee that your guests will be charmed by the show.


Yan Lee Chan
Text/cell: (514)-830-5068