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magicien Yan avec menteau rouge dans une salle de réception


Strolling magic is one of the best ways to experience magic. The IMPOSSIBLE not only happens right in front of their eyes... but often in the spectators very own hands. This type of magic is perfect for receptions, cocktails and banquets. Illusions include magic with cards, mind reading, illusions with borrowed items. If you want to entertain your guests, you can trust me to create an atmosphere where everyone has fun.

Yan hi five spectateur content
Magicien montre une carte trop longue
Magicien Yan offrant un cadeau à un femme

Engaging close-up magic, from one group to the next

EVERYONE gets "front row seats" and the opportunity to participate in the moments. 

Magicien Yan montre un dessin d'anana à une femme

Create OMG moments

Magic is a great way to create a general buzz and spark the conversations. The only problem, you may be bothered by the applause.

Magicien Yan montre un gros couteau au spectatrice a une table


Indoors or Outdoors for big and small events, Make your event a little unique and different from the rest.

magicien Yan avec menteau rouge dans une salle de réception

Magician for all generations.

If you're hosting a family reunion with guests of multiple generations, my varied repertoire allows me to adapt to different age groups, so no one is ever left out. If you'r looking for family entertainment, you can also visit my site dedicated to my shows for children.


''He is an incredible artist, everybody loved it, he made the party special and unforgettable.''

Beatriz Carvalho

They trusted me

and many more...


Magician Yan Lee Chan
email: info@yanleechan.com
text/cell: (514) 830-5068